General Playing Tips

- Sound each note by saying the word 'Tu' or 'Du' as you blow. This will cause a slight separation in each breath, allowing you to play each note clearly. This is also called articulation.

- When covering the tone holes, be sure to cover each hole completely so that no air escapes. Not covering the holes fully will cause you to play out of tune.

- Most ocarinas require a gentle breath for the low notes, so take care not to blow too strongly when starting off.

- Familiarize yourself with the notes that your ocarina can play by practicing the scales provided in your instruction guide or songbook. This will allow you to play more songs and give you more freedom to improvise and create your own music!

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    Logan Jones

    The tip to use gentle breath was super helpful !

    It's slightly embarrassing to admit this, but I've had a 12 hole ocarina of yours for years but what I thought was "blowing gently" into it was actually too hard! When you say to use a gentle breath, you do MEAN gentle; starting at the point where I feel like barely any air is escaping at all is what's required to get a good sound. It's more breathing then blowing, or so it seems to me.

    So yeah, thanks again for the tip! I think it's gotten me past one particular hurdle I've had with the 12 hole all these years :)

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